Why wedding videography

Why wedding videography

We truly believe that wedding videos capture the moment like no other medium can! We are living in a time where the art of film has the ability to capture the moments that mean the most. Wedding cinematography allows us to layer, create and piece together an individually tailored highlight of your special day. Which is nothing like the wobbly handy-cam wielded by your great-uncle or second cousin. Our videos are just as personal and action following as theirs minus the finger covering the lens.

Our wedding films are perfect to revisit, send to family and friends who can’t attend or simply have a nostalgic trip down memory lane at the click of a button. Capturing the heartfelt moments, the hard to catch expressions or passing glances given to one another are what we strive to add to the masterpiece. We are telling your fairy tale through the individually tailored cinematic experience created by the team. Our team endeavours to be as unobtrusive and candid with your cinematic experience that you can cherish forever.

We believe that the true way to create the most immersive and emotional experience is by tailoring your video experience to your wedding. The beauty of Port Douglas, Atherton Tablelands and Cairns comes alive in our personally tailored wedding videos. We focus on capturing the unexplainable magic during your wedding and aim to create priceless collections of memories and emotions, making it all the easier to immerse yourself in the nostalgia of the day all over again.

We know firsthand weddings are not simply a ‘one size fits all’, just like your wedding attire! Which is why we believe in the importance of a one-on-one conversation, so we can start to create the very first step on our journey to creating your own personalised film. Picturesque Far North Queensland is a wedding destination sought after by many. We strive to ensure your video has an artful, signature touch and captures the beauty of the region.

With focus on the finer details video allows a deeper more immersive experience simply photos. As they say, “a picture says a thousand words”, but we believe video tells a million more.